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Say Goodbye to power bill

Convert your home energy system into an income

Introducing next evolution to solar energy

Virtual Power Plant

Say Goodbye to power bill

Convert your home energy system into an income

Introducing next evolution to solar energy

Virtual Power Plant

We are happy to offer Virtual Power Plant, World innovative technology in partnership with Discover Energy Pty Ltd, Australia. DE is an Australian local energy company, providing comprehensive electricity and gas retail services to customers.

Solar panel
  • Generate energy through solar panels
  • Store in battery, power your home 24x7
  • Highest feed-in-tariff
  • Battery recharged free of cost
  • Smart energy trading-make extra money out of surplus energy
  • Smart energy trading enabled
  • Access to AI based software for real-time monitoring:
    • Energy generated
    • Energy used
    • Energy exported
    • Energy income out of smart energy trading

How the solar VPP works ?

Your solar powered home becomes a VPP (Virtual Power Plant) with compatible battery and inverter combination.

Your home charges the solar battery which stores energy and powers your home 24 hours a day. The inverter is connected to VPP software via cloud technology.

Revolutionary cloud based software monitors your inverter and the grid’s energy demand. At the optimum moment the software sells your excess power back to the grid, maximizing your energy income.

Using mobile app, you can easily track the trades and your income statements from the comfort of your phone. You can decide to trade yourself when the time is right.

What makes our VPP special?

3 key algorithms for superior results

We harness market insights and big data from the 6GW of solar power installed across Australia through One Stop Warehouse to power 3 key pieces of proprietary software.

Software to analyse a household’s usage pattern and forecast demand

Software that optimises a household’s rooftop solar generation and battery

Software that forecasts wholesale energy prices with superior accuracy

Benefits of Virtual Power Plant


Guaranteed discounts apply to your usage charges and you can earn further discounts on your usage charges when you pay on time.

Premium solar-feed ins

Premium solar feed-in rate plus profit sharing on trades managed by us using your stored solar energy.

Free Battery Recharges**

Battery recharging at no cost to customer. *Intermittent service, triggered by certain market conditions

24/7 Online Account Management

You can manage your account and check your usage online 24/7.

No Exit Fee or Lock in Contract

This is an open contract. You may terminate at any time without any exit fees or penalties.

eBilling and eCorrespondence only

Bills and correspondences will be sent electronically by email only.

Direct Debit & cash-in credits

Payments are easily made by direct debit and credits can be applied to gas accounts or cashed in.

12 Months of Benefit with no lock-in contracts!

Take advantage of great benefits for 12 months.

Compatible Systems

Experience of existing DE Customers

VPP customers in less than three months reduce their bills to zero and start earning credits. In fact, 93.7% of all our VPP customers earn credits, and on average earn $85.65 every month through energy trading and Discover Energy's premium solar feed-in tariffs for VPP. Discover Energy's VPP is also the first VPP energy trading platform in Australia that can be user-enabled.