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How Does Solar Work ?

The great Aussie Sun can be your best natural source of free energy

A grid connected to solar power system functions as a mini power station for your home. A typical solar panel system will have these components in the following

Solar Panel

Solar panels are placed on the roof and they convert sunlight into DC electricity. Panels come in all shapes and sizes. Oz solar only uses Tier 1 panels.

Solar Inverter

A grid connected inverter transforms DC electricity into regular 240 Volt power.

Mounting Structure

They help to securely and firmly attach solar panels on the roof.

Solar Meter

A smart meter records the amount of electricity generated by solar panels and at the same time keeps track of how much energy is exported back to the grid (If at all).

Solar Batteries

Batteries is another component that’s sometimes used depending on requirement. It’s used to store surplus electricity for use at night, leading to greater cost savings and even less reliance on the grid. A solar battery lets you store electricity generated by your solar system and use it later. Click here for more information on Batteries.